Cloud Strategy, Architecture, Security, Assessment, Training

SGA develops and implements cloud strategies which enable the business and protect critical data. We have expertise in cloud strategy, architecture, security, assessments, Proof of Concepts (PoC), implementation, training, and automation.

We focus on your business needs to develop a comprehensive, automated, and secure cloud multi-account strategy. For solutions, we match business needs with the best cloud services and/or products, then provide architecture and implementation services with support and hand-off training.

The future is cloud managed services which reduce risk, lower costs, and improve operational efficiency. For example, AWS Control Tower (Organizations, Landing Zone, Service Catalog) allows you to configure an architecture which meet business, security and compliance needs. We conceived an an Account on Demand (AoD) architecture where “Accounts are the New VPC”. AoD architecture also enables separation of duties and isolation of AWS services which don’t require a VPC (e.g., SES). Shared VPCs allow the sharing of VPC assets (e.g., NAT Gateways) while maintaining isolation in terms of access control, separation of duties, and billing.

Serverless (Cloud 2.0) will mature into the next generation of cloud – Managed Data (Cloud 3.0). Managed Data is the automation of data recognition, identification, classification, and relationships while providing data protection and a usable UX and abstracted backend for any type of application – data centric computing.



Serverless architecture enables the business to meet needs faster, more securely, and at lower cost.

Reduce Risk – The larger the attack surface the greater potential for threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits. Lower your organization’s risk by abstracting infrastructure to the cloud provider which shrinks your organization’s attack surface.

Serverless is the next generation of abstraction and risk reduction, where the management of server operating systems and related infrastructure are transferred to the cloud provider and are accessible as a service – Function as a Service (FaaS).

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aws sa professional
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SGA is cofounder/organizer for Serverless Boston and Serverless NYC meetups.

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