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    CylancePROTECT is the next generation of endpoint security product that effectively renders advanced threats useless. Through the use of advanced mathematics (signature-less), Cylance has developed the most accurate, efficient, and effective solution for stopping malware execution.

    Cylance has revolutionized cyber protection by replacing outdated solutions with a machine learning, algorithmic approach that requires zero updating, and which has the demonstrable ability to identify and defuse up to 900% more threats than traditional solutions.

    Available for Windows and Mac.

  • Cyber Situational Awareness

    Digital Shadows: Firms cast a digital shadow which leaves an electronic trail of their activities in the surface and deep web. This shadow can leave an organization vulnerable to outsider threats such as corporate espionage, competitive intelligence, and exploitation of weak points to launch targeted cyber attacks. SGA recommends Digital Shadows who provides cyber situational awareness to prevent, detect and contain cyber-related incidents.

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    Cloud Security. Govern Usage.

    Netskope enables you to find, understand, and secure cloud apps in real-time and across any app. Our granular policies let you shape activities, not block apps. That’s how cloud security solutions should work.

    The Netskope App Context Engine lets you monitor and enforce cloud app policies in context, or for certain users or groups, on particular devices and browsers, in specific locations, performing an activity like share, download, or edit, and on certain content. For example, you can enforce a “no sharing” policy from a mobile device for corporate insiders across any cloud storage app when the recipient is outside of the company.

    Netskope is your Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

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    Hyper Secure Servers

    On-premises and remote location servers for critical infrastructure (Active Directory, DNS, Branch Offices, high value applications) have an exposed platform stack: hardware, firmware, virtualization, operating system, and the application workload. The solution is to deploy hyper-secure servers which are manufactured with a root-of-trust throughout the stack and is tamper-resistant. SkySecure is a cloud managed on-premises secure server infrastructure and the first commercial zero-trust system that is turn-key to deploy and operate. SGA can deploy SkySecure servers at both client locations and at our Level (3) Tier-1 data center.

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    Sophos Baseline and Beyond

    Sophos provides an integrated suite of products to help you create, fortify, and maintain your baseline cybersecurity posture. Sophos is a total solution provider for network protection, enduser protection, server protection, AWS cloud protection, and email protection.

    Sophos Cloud is the only integrated security solution that protects Windows and Mac and manages mobile devices.

    Sophos Cloud Web Gateway Announced

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    PrecisionAccess is inherently secure because it starts with zero visibility and zero connectivity. Then, after the user and his or her device have been doubly authenticated, PrecisionAccess dynamically builds connectivity to that user’s authorized applications, and none other. By removing network connectivity from unauthorized applications, PrecisionAccess inherently defeats all network-based attacks by unauthorized users, including the following threats:

    PrecisionAccess is based on the security architecture called the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), which is a new approach to security that mitigates network-based attacks by creating dynamically provisioned perimeters anywhere in the world, including clouds, demilitarized zones (DMZs), and data centers.

    Defense in depth: The PrecisionAccess architecture consists of five layers of security controls: single packet authorization, mutual transport layer security, device validation, dynamic firewalls, and application binding. Together, these protocols make it very difficult for attackers to access protected applications.

    Unhackable!Each year since 2013, the SDP Hackathon has been held at the RSA conference. Available anonymously over the Internet, it has attracted hackers from all over the world. Over 10 Billion packets were fired at the SDP with no packets making it past the first of the five SDP security controls.

    SDP Hackathon

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