We are independent advisors and consultants for cloud strategy, architecture, research, development, cybersecurity, PoC, and training.

SGA helps you build secure cloud native applications. Successful cloud solutions require the right mix of of people, policies, processes, and technology.

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Serverless Global Architecture (SGA)

An approach for determining, designing, and integrating the best cloud services for serverless (Cloud 2.0) solutions. Serverless architecture enables the business to meet needs faster, more securely, and at lower cost.

On-demand serverless compute, Function as a Service (FaaS), combined with existing cloud services allows the cloud itself to become programmable. Specifically, cloud services are the components for building customer applications with a ServiceDevSecOps approach.

First, developers will program cloud services for a given cloud provider. Next, cloud providers will open their services and allow InterCloud communications yielding InterCloud services. Ultimately, architects and developers will design and program InterCloud as a Service (ICaaS).

We are certified AWS and cybersecurity architects. We architect scalable, secure, highly available, and fault tolerant serverless solutions.

For the ultimate in application performance we are specialists for the Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) and Redis Cloud platforms.



Cloud Risk

SGA helps your teams securely use the cloud anytime, anywhere, with any device while protecting critical data.

Roadmap to Success

1. Find and assess your cloud risk – Discover all cloud services in your organization and see how risky they are.
2. Understand your cloud usage – Drill into who’s using cloud services, what they’re sharing and downloading and more.
3. Develop cloud policies – Develop policies people can get behind while still getting their work done.
4. Coach your users – gain best practices on user coaching and communications around safe cloud usage.
5. Identify and protect critical/sensitive data – Incorporate network and access controls, endpoint protection, encryption, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

  • What data is critical?
  • Why is it critical?
  • Who is responsible?
  • Where is stored?
  • When should it be deleted?

Private Cloud Hosting Services

For security and compliance don’t trust any hosting provider. SGA provides collocation and virtual hosting solutions on a premier backbone Internet provider network.

Know where your data resides. Combined with our cybersecurity solutions we protect your critical data.

Enterprise File Synchronization & Sharing (EFSS)

Acronis Access – Robust security, compliance and policy controls keep your data safe. Encryption, authentication, remote wipe and other key security features.

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