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Serverless Global Architecture (SGA)

An approach for determining, designing, and integrating the best cloud services for serverless (Cloud 2.0) solutions. Serverless architecture enables the business to meet needs faster, more securely, and at lower cost.

The next generation of cloud computing (Cloud 2.0) abstracts the provisioning and management of servers, and is widely known as “serverless”. Serverless abstracts Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), pushing responsibility and risk of server management to the cloud provider.

Serverless architecture is the design of a solution comprised of managed cloud services, with at least one being FaaS. Cloud services are managed by the cloud provider, eliminating the need for the you to create and manage infrastructure. Serverless is about managed services not managing infrastructure. Specifically, cloud services are the components for building customer applications with a ServiceDevSecOps approach.

Serverless architects design holistic Services on Demand (SoD) solutions using Services as Code (SaC) to configure secured managed services for code, events, and data.

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