SGA improves an organization’s digital security posture with a focus on protecting critical data. We are certified cybersecurity professionals, advisors, and emerging technology providers.

As firms move to the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) proliferates, the attack surface is increasing while threats are more sophisticated and persistent. Therefore, organizations need a security plan driven by business requirements and risk tolerance with applicable emerging technologies applied and focused on critical data protection.

Protect critical data using expertise and emerging technologies:

sophos-img-2  Baseline & Beyond – creates, improves, and fortifies your organization’s baseline cybersecurity posture. Sophos offers a complete solution for on-premises and in their cloud.

sophos-img-3 Application-specific Access Control – Precision Access “shrinks” the perimeter down to a single application, and then provides secure connectivity to only a select group of authorized users and their specific devices. You have the ability to precisely control access by anyone, on any device, to high value, high risk applications anywhere.

netskope-logo@2x Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) – helps you discover, understand, manage, and secure all cloud apps, sanctioned or unsanctioned, including Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

sophos-img-1 Endpoint Security – PROTECT uses advanced mathematics to render malicious malware useless. The next generation antivirus solution.

digital-shadow-logo-grey-444x54 Outsider Threat – The only company to provide cyber situational awareness that helps organizations protect against cyber-attacks, loss of intellectual property, and loss of brand and reputational integrity.

skyport_logo Hyper-Secure Servers – SkySecure is a cloud managed on-premises secure server infrastructure.

  • sophos-img-1

    Endpoint Security

    Next generation of endpoint security product that effectively renders advanced threats useless.

  • netskope-logo@2x

    Cloud App Security

    Find, understand, and secure cloud apps in real-time and across any app.

  • sophos-img-2

    Baseline and Cloud

    Fortify your Baseline and Beyond

  • sophos-img-3

    Application Access Control

    Defeats all network-based attacks from unauthorized users and does it in a way that is transparent to authorized users.

  • sophos-img-3

    Cyber Situational Awareness

    Firms cast a digital shadow which leaves an electronic trail of their activities in the surface and deep web.

  • sophos-img-3

    Hyper Secure Servers

    On-premises and remote location servers for critical infrastructure (Active Directory, DNS, Branch Offices, high value applications).

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